Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Daniel's Cheese

Just spent over an hour tasting aged cheddar cheeses and chatting with George Batarseh of Daniel's Cheese and Deli in Cambridge, ON. Probably would never have found the place if it weren't for a group deal on it, because it's off the main roads. A great experience and some delicious cheeses!

I've always hated orange cheese, so I must add that I walked away having chosen to buy a 10-year orange cheese. According to George, during a war, shipping cheese overseas to the troops, someone decided to add carrot juice to the cheese to differentiate it from the butter, and that's the type of orange that he carries.

I wanted to try an identical white to see what the carrot juice does to the flavour, but George laughed off the request saying that as soon as cheese is made with a different batch of milk, or in a different vat, it is no longer comparable.

Ended up with an assortment of aged cheddars, from nine to ten years old, one of which George had bought from Mapledale cheeses four years ago and continued to age himself.


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