Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great Hair

After a year old haircut which I was never satisfied with, I have finally found a formula for perfect hair.
1. Neglect to get a haircut for a year
2. Once hair is dirty, wash it
3. Sleep on wet hair and allow it to get dirty again
4. Bang forehead into unyielding metal plate edge in a warehouse
5. Observe horrifying bump develop in instants (not pictured)
6. Clip otherwise useless bangs sideways to conceal the bump from friends and public!

Travel Outfit:
Top: H&M
Romper: Red Berry
Leggings: Talula
Shoes: Timberland
Bag: KGB

Friday, June 17, 2011

Berlin, Germany (Jun 15 - 16)

After much difficulty getting out of Belgium, mainly I think because we didn't want to leave, we arrived in Berlin a day late because we had missed our train from Gent. Instead of spending a splendidly sunny day on the train, we spent it with the Gent folks. Bonus!
Some of the most memorable sights were the giant train stations, Alexanderplatz and Potsdamerplatz, the holocaust memorial (a sea of concrete blocks with walkways in between), checkpoint charlie (historical location of access between east and west germany in increasingly strict segregation), the berlin wall, and the successful combination of new and old architecture. Unfortunately the Reichtag was only open for reserved visits.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Barcelona, Spain (May 18 - 21)

Balmy and beautiful Barcelona... what more can I say? Rambling countless narrow winding streets near La Rambla I saw more picturesque squares than I had ever imagined. Across the square is a seafood restaurant called Cal Pep. There is no menu, and there are only a few tables in the back. The rest of the patrons line up nightly to have a seat at the bar. To order, converse with the bartender/server who will recommend dishes based on what you want, as well as more that you may not need. House white accompanied molluscs cooked with pork bits, "special" mushrooms,  ...
Cal Pep
To the left, a couple from Vienna, Austria received a whole white monkfish, which was de-spined and plated in front of them by the server. I would probably swap the mushrooms for that fish if I'd known. To the right, first a large group of spanish-speaking asian people knew exactly what to order and squabbled over the bill, then a couple from Toronto. In line, a very language-challenged lady from the States condescendingly ordered wine which she jabbed at from a ripped-out page of a travel magazine very loudly and slowly to the server in English, who pretended not to know any. She did succeed in getting what she wanted, which turned out to be the delicious house white.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Paris (Jun 3 - 6) and Switzerland (May 31 - Jun 3)

Bonjour from Paris, epicentre of some pretty serious culture and arts. What more can one ask for than a cafe bistro dinner where there is only one menu, diners get up to pick their wines from the laden shelves lining the walls, and your table is 4 inches (excusez moi, centim├Ętres) away from your neighbours from Norway to whom it is impossible not to talk.

Then there are the churches, monuments, galleries... The Louvre is massive and grand. A diverse collection of works from across time and space so fascinating that I forgot to photograph.

My favourite shot in Paris - no idea what the building is though!