Sunday, April 10, 2011

Puffy Hexagonal Quilted Wristlet

Finished Product

Sometime back in reading week I finally bought some leather scraps from Len's Mill Store to make a leather wristlet. I couldn't resist and bought enough for two, one black motorcycle chic hexagonal quilted and the other an adorable camel brown with antique bead and tassel details. It must be simple to make a wristlet, right?

I followed a pattern so that I knew at what stage to attach the zipper and lining, but improvised the hexagonal pattern and the strap. For the hexagonal pattern I simply printed one off and traced it onto the leather using tracing paper and a tracing wheel.

That worked out well, but it was pretty dark in the apartment and I couldn't see very well, so I kept smudging it off! Then I decided to try to figure out a way to quilt the hexagonal pattern without lifting the presser foot. You know, like those puzzles they give you in school where you have to draw the pattern without taking your pen off the page? I couldn't do it for hexagons! But quilting the hexagons was fun, and it worked even better than I'd hoped.

Everything went smoothly until I put the strap on (remember, no pattern? Big mistake!). I sewed it in between the lining and the leather! Crap! Anyways that's why I didn't photograph that part of the wallet... haha!

I am very proud of the final result, despite the problems with the strap. It's a handsome wristlet that fits my cards, change, phone, keys, and lip gloss. It feels luxurious to the touch and if I drop it, all that padding protects everything inside! I hope to perfect a new version of this wristlet soon.


Jasenka said...

I think this looks great!

What did you use to make quilts so ''puffy''? :)

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