Friday, October 14, 2011

New family member to the Art Dept!

Welcome to the Canon EOS XSi DSLR! Complete with a "nifty fifty" lens. It feels great and liberating to be able to record things that inspire me, that I create, which are beautiful, and which I think are noteworthy. I only had about forty minutes to play around with the camera today but it's very exciting! I've wanted to join a photography meetup group ever since I got to Toronto but only lacked a camera with which to take photos. Next steps will include taking full advantage of the Nifty Fifty, and in the future getting wide angle and zoom lenses. I leave you with a few of my first shots from this afternoon. 

Decorated doorknob

Windowsill and self-made curtains

Dried orchid flower from RSquared Cafe

My door and shabby-chic ceiling

Antique iron meant to be placed in the fireplace to be heated up. Found on the side of the road while biking home


Anonymous said...

Lulu`s ladybug.

Gigi said...

cute, isn't it?

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