Friday, February 3, 2012

Indie Coffee Update

As a follow up to my earlier post about indie coffee shops in Toronto, I have decided to comment on a few of the places. Since I wrote the earlier post I have visited for the first time: Lit, Sam James, Capital, and Lost and Found.

Lit had a wonderfully earthy espresso which I described as tasting like a tree. Unique flavour right there. Definitely recommend.

At Sam James Espresso Bar I have been happy with the drinks I've gotten. Lovely americanos & cappuccinos. I love sitting in the window there and watching Harbord go by.

Americano and Latte

Geoff enjoying a latte
First time I was at Capital Espresso I had one of the the best shots of espresso I've ever had. I'm not saying this just because I met Damien the other day. He came in to R2 looking for decaf beans 'cause they were running low over at Capital. The espresso shot I had was rich, rich, rich in flavour and well-balanced for my tongue.

Lost and Found espresso was delicious with a bit of an alcohol-y finish in a good way. Love the space and the idea of combining clothing and coffee - two great loves of my life. Jonathan was super friendly and Evan and I procured some Metropolis beans which I've tried in the french press with great success.


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