Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vegetarians beware - graphic carnivorous descriptions!

Finally went to @PorchettaAndCo today for lunch after hearing so much about it these past months. I of course had to pick out some of the porchetta to eat on its own before letting the sandwich do its thing. First of all, porchetta defines everything good about land animals. Caramelised meat sugars, generous flavourful melting and crispy fatty layers surrounding tender juicy meat. There were some jerky-ish crunchy bits within the porchetta which added some extra texture.

Of the toppings available, I picked mushrooms and truffle sauce. Good combination - I'd more naturally think of having pork paired with sweet things such as apple, cherry, or pear, but I love the truffle flavour and it was not overpowering as it easily could have been. I chose mushrooms to back up and give some body to the truffle flavour. The bun was very good too, though I might opt out of the mustard next time. I'd keep the hot sauce.

I was still experiencing the luscious mouthfeel as I biked home after this much-anticipated lunch.


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