Friday, August 5, 2011

My Favourite Sandwich

This is an ode to my favourite sandwich ever, apart from a hoagie, but I will talk about hoagies another time. There is something magical about a salt & peppered slice of sweet, juicy tomato from the garden, topping a melted slice of aged cheddar on rye bread. These ones came from a tomato plant left by the previous tenant at the (beautiful & oh so missed) loft in Kitchener last November.

Let me also make a note that mass-produced tomatoes are ok in a pinch but their flesh tends to be hard. I was cutting one up the other day and it sounded like I was sawing through celery! Another good indication of a good tomato is how it smells on the shelf. If it smells like nothing, chances are it will be tasteless.


Shu Han said...

love love love that combo too. another tip: make sure you leave your tomatoes out at rom temperature, they taste so ripe and sweet and juicy that way. the other even simpler way i love my cheese and rye bread is with a dollop of raw honey. sweet plus salty plus the slight tanginess from the sourdough rye. yum.

Gigi said...

So true, thanks for pointing that out. Putting your tomatoes in the fridge doesn't do their flavour any favours! I'll be sure to try with honey next time :)

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