Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outdated Opinion of Emilio Sosa's Signature Print Dress

So this is my opinion of Emilio Sosa's signature print from Season 7 of Project Runway. I know, I know that was so last year, but I've only just watched it. I have to disagree with the judges' oohing and aahing over the print and the dress. The print looks like those bags that tourists buy upon leaving a new city. Oh and I didn't notice this but apparently it resembles a Louis Vuitton print as well, but I doubt it was intentional, and I don't think they really are that similar.

Tacky destination bag print

Left: Emilio Sosa's print; Right: Louis Vuitton print
The jacket he paired with it was pretty awesome though, but I don't think its style matches that of the dress at all. It's too bold and wacky for the plain dress. I think the jacket goes well with that hairdo, but something else would have gone better with the dress.
The dress was just as simple as Anthony's designs usually were. Anthony was a contestant who struggled with the simplicity (read: boringness) of his silhouettes. To me, most of his designs would have been suitable for the racks of the retailer Sirens. Shiny fabrics, tight fits, gaping necklines... you get the picture.
But back to Emilio's dress. The shape of dress is awkward and doesn't go together; it isn't harmonious. The contrast of the sky blue with the black neckline is unflattering, jarring, and sudden. The print is too tacky to be part of this dress.


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