Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Motorola Droid AKA Milestone Unboxing

Last November I put a few bids in on a Motorola Milestone, Canadian edition on eBay. I'd had my eye on the Milestone ever since it was rumoured in 2009, but was waiting for my cute little Sony Ericsson to break before getting a new phone, and joining the smartphone craze. I wasn't too concerned about having to wait, because of cheap build quality and my suspicion that cell phones are designed to break within a couple years of purchase. My own phone had been sent in for repairs a few times, relating to keyboard keys not always functioning, and I finally took matters into my own hands and ordered a new keyboard for my Ericsson, installed it myself, only to find out it did not fix the problem. Not only that, but I must not have re-installed the vibrating unit properly, because the phone would no longer vibrate. Anyways, so I caved and searched out Droids on eBay, and had a nice transaction with Wes in BC. 

It has been serving as my only camera since mine broke, and I returned the one I was borrowing for pictures of Europe.


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