Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camera Trouble

Immediately before my trip to Europe, my >8 year-old Sony Cybershot died. It displayed only a white screen and would not take snaps! Up until then nearly all my pictures were done with that camera, as poor as its low-light performance and stability were. When I got back from Europe I decided to see if I could fix it at all. There had been a previous problem a couple years ago when I got a lens error which I fixed by smacking the camera on my knee (thank you, internet). This time it suggested resetting the screen by pressing all the buttons at once. I was sceptical, but it worked! The lens however started making the most horrible buzzing noise. Hitting it against my knee didn't work this time, and the internet suggested there could sand or hair stuck in the lens casing. I found a camera mod that allowed remote shutter control, which also happened to have instructions on taking the camera apart. I am always for taking apart electronics! 

Here is the result, which unfortunately doesn't involve the lens behaving afterwards. I think it is time for a new camera. Meanwhile I will have to rely on my Milestone camera (I used it for this picture), which has flash and zoom but only takes decent pictures in high sunlight situations.


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