Monday, July 25, 2011

Hair removal

I had wanted to try this two-parted tutorial because the concept of pulling out hairs in the direction of growth versus opposite would really solve the hair breakage problem, and also it looked super cool. Previously I had been using this excellent Canadian sugar waxing product:

But at $10-15 a pop, it gets pricey, especially if it only lasts for three leg waxings. Getting waxing done at a salon costs anywhere from $16-25 and from my experience they usually do a crappy job, leaving as many hairs broken as pulled.

So in February this year I followed that tutorial for making my own sugar wax. It's super cheap, requiring you to buy only white refined sugar, and a bottle of lemon juice. I didn't have a candy thermometer, but it still did a decent job, although it was very sticky and I know it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. This is sort of the result of the homemade sugar wax.

While it was cooling I thought it would be fun to poke it all over with fingerprints.

Then after getting the worst wax job EVER at a place in Gent, I found out about epilation machines from Charline. Save my life! $70 later I had this nifty machine that acts like dozens of tweezers on a rotating barrel and tweezes out all the hairs. It's great and I will never have to wax again!


Cha said...

haha! i even saved your life?! :)
enjoy the silky legs!


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