Monday, July 18, 2011

Nice, France (May 21 - 23)

Nice was a little touristy for my taste, but Marc* says that this is what has happened to the Provence area of France, that it had been "discovered," and none of the real French people ever take their vacation there anymore! The city was beautiful, of course, and so were the beaches.

View of Nice from Villa St-Exupery's room window

Artist hand-painting the sign outside a cocktail bar

Novel type of tomato I have never seen

Garlic is always appreciated

Tomato about to be munched

A beach in Nice

Elevator to go up the hill - this shot is a personal favourite

This is frankly perplexing

Roof of a hut in the Mt. Boron park

View of Nice from Mt. Boron park

View of Nice from Mt. Boron park.

*Marc was a guy from France who we met in Stockholm, who seemed to be the only other person who actually cooked proper food in the kitchens, and had very French opinions about a lot of things.


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