Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amimono knit blue tank

This knit top was my first foray into a real knitting project that transcended making scarves! It is made of 100% mercerised cotton, and I followed a pattern for the first time!

I intended it to be finished by the time I went to Europe and I was going to wear it. But, as an inexperienced knitter, things don't always turn out how you plan them. I did indeed finish it in time to wear in Europe, but by that time I didn't like it anymore. I felt that the knit was too thick and tight for summer wear, especially on the south coast, where I would be spending significant time. The tightness of the knit was because the gauge of the yarn I used was slightly too thick for the pattern, so I had to knit it more tightly than the pattern called for.

I don't think I can sell it because I used a pattern from Amimono - Helga Isager's Spring-Summer 2009 collection, although I did modify the pattern slightly. So after I get a real camera, I'll take some good pictures of the thing, unravel it, and improvise something more loosely knit which I think will complement the yarn gauge better.


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